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    You will receive a free initial consultation which involves us understanding your smile goals and also examining if your dental condition is suited for Invisalign. Once your suitability is established, we then take an impression of your teeth that allows us to give the timeline for your treatment and also create a virtual mockup of how your teeth will look after your treatment. We will send the impression to the Invisalign laboratory and establish the best number of Invisalign aligners and the timeline for you to achieve the desired outcome. After getting your approval on the projected timeline of the Invisalign treatment, our clinician will have a personalised set of Invisalign aligners created bespoke to you.

    The Invisalign aligners are clear and comfortable and you’ll wear them for 1 week, after which you’ll move to the next set and the next, periodically, typically, every 1 week. Every aligner that you receive is a bit different from the previous one and they work overtime to move your teeth into the desired position. Your visits to us are planned and spread regularly over your treatment period so that we can monitor your progress besides giving you the new set of aligners.

    Free Consultation

    Free Consultation

    Dental consultation is free to assess suitability

    Affordable Cost

    Affordable Cost

    We offer some of the most competitive prices

    0% Finance

    0% Finance

    Instalment plan for affordability

    Advantages of Going Private

    Near invisible aligners are non-intrusive to your life.

    There is less damage to your teeth and gums

    Invisalign can straighten your teeth faster

    You will see your beautiful smile restored

    Your self-confidence will be enhanced

    Your self-confidence will be enhanced

    Cannock Dental Practice complies with the high standards of CQC (Care Quality Commission) for providing quality orthodontic treatment.

    See Your New Smile Now – In 60 Seconds

    If you have been thinking about getting a new confident smile, you can now have a ‘test drive’ from the comfort of your home. Click on the button below and take a selfie to start your 60 second Smile View Experience. You can then visit Cannock Dental Practice for a suitability assessment and get all the details, treatment plan and investment. Invisalign has been used by over 7 million people worldwide. It is safe, comfortable, and near-invisible. It allows you to continue as usual at home and work without others becoming aware that you are receiving a treatment.


    On average, for the Invisalign dental aligners to do their job, the treatment can take any time from a few weeks upto 18 months.

    Your Invisalign treatment journey involves these steps:

    After a demonstration of Invisalign and providing you assurance by showing you some of our past results, our professional Invisalign practitioners will make evaluations for your treatment.

    The necessary diagnostics will be conducted, including Xray imaging and your dental records will be studied as per the treatment plan of Cannock Dental Practice.

    We have all the required tools to take accurate impressions of your teeth to capture the current position of your individual teeth. Advanced digital applications are used to determine the after-treatment intended positions of your teeth.

    Then work begins at Invislign Lab where they create custom made aligners for you – each aligner is worn for about a week and the total number of aligners depends on the amount of tooth movement needed.


    What is Invisalign®?

    Invisalign aligners are clear, removable and snug plastic covers that fit tightly over your teeth. Invislaign is clinically approved and a great alternative to metal braces. A bespoke set of Invisalign aligners helps you get a straighter smile over time, discreetly. Remove them to eat, drink and to do your oral hygiene routine – Invisalign have been used by over 6 million people worldwide.

    How does it function?

    After the diagnosis and the creation of a treatment plan, sets of aligners are fabricated in a specialised lab. These aligners are produced in sets to be used in a certain order and they fit you as a series of aligners. The process employs highly advanced computer imaging and production technology.

    The requirement is to wear each set of the provided aligners for a fortnight for a certain period of time till your teeth achieve the desired straightness. For clinical reviews, you will need to visit us on average once per month.

    Why choose Invisalign aligners?

    Invisalign aligners are transparent and near-invisible once placed over your teeth. Your teeth get straightened inconspicuously.

    High comfort levels – the absence of metal and wires allows for greater comfort when you are wearing the aligners.

    Removable – you can take them off when you eat, drink and perform your oral hygiene routine.


    Boost your confidence and appeal by having a straight and healthy smile created with Invisalign and turn heads in your personal and professional life.

    What’s amazing about Invisalign is the range of orthodontic problems it can remedy. It does away with conventional unsightly metal braces for fixing crooked teeth, crowded mouths and gappy teeth. Invisalign’s appeal lies in its ease of use. The near-invisible aligners are removable, comfortable and non-interfering in your regular life and appearance.

    Our practice is CQC registered and our goal is to offer and provide the highest standard of orthodontic care to our patients at all times.

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    During your visit to our practice you will be greeted by our welcoming staff, who seek to make your visit with us as stress-free and comfortable as is possible.

    We listen carefully to your questions and concerns. Our main objective is to get the right treatment that is most suitable for you. This is also the reason why we offer you affordable and flexible payment options.